Biology Departmental Seminar

2019 Fall Seminars
Date Title Speaker Institute Host
2019-08-29 Evolution of an unusual mating system in a Neotropical manakin Regina Macede Universidade de Brasilia Nancy Soloman
2019-09-05 Revisiting the adaptive geometry of trees with hyper remote sensing Brenden McNeill West Virginia University Melany Fisk
2019-09-12 The origins and evolution of chromosomes and the recombination landscape in rattlesnake genomes Drew Schield University of Texas Arlington Tereza Jezkova
2019-09-19 Separating genes from gene mimics in plant genomes James Schnable University of Nebraska - Lincoln Meixia Zhao
2019-09-26 Restoring Michigan prairies Emily Grman Eastern Michigan University Jonathan Bauer 
2019-10-03 Undergraduate research focused on conservation at the Primmer Outdoor Learning Center Christine Anderson Capital University Joyce Fernandes
2019-10-10 Emerging vulnerabilities of dryland plant communities to climate change and livestock grazing throughout the 21st century Kyle Palmquist Marshall University Rob Baker
2019-10-16 Wilson Lecture

The complex ecological interactions behind your cup of coffee

7 pm in PSN 128
Ivette Perfecto University of Michigan Wilson Lecture Committee
2019-10-17 Nature's matrix: The contributions of agriculture to the conservation of biodiversity Ivette Perfecto University of Michigan María Gonzalez
2019-10-24 Oligotrophication in the Great Lakes: Lakes Michigan and Huron are polar opposites from Lake Erie David (Bo) Bunnell USGS Great Lakes Science Center Craig Williamson
2019-10-31 Three blind mice give insights into FGFR regulation in development and disease Stephanie Padula Miami University Mike Robinson
2019-11-07 Selective forces shaping the evolution of intelligence Kay Holekamp Michigan State University Hefner Museum
2019-11-07 Hefner Lecture

A hyena's tale

7 pm in 102 Benton Hall
Kay Holekamp Michigan State University Hefner Lecture Committee
2019-11-14 Resource allocation below ground: a mechanism toward colimitation? Shan Shan Miami University Melany Fisk
2019-11-21 The role of chromatin accessibility in developmental gene regulation Dan McKay University of North Caroline Chapel Hill Yoshi Tomoyasu
2019-12-05 Molecular mechanisms of regeneration: lessons from salamanders Karen Echeverri Marine Biological Laboratories Katia Del Rio-Tsonis