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Catching up with alumna, Alexis Lees (2014)
Spoilers: "The best thing is, my Classical Humanities and Language degree has proven to be of great value, since I am in a predominantly Greek-speaking country! "
Study Abroad Opportunity: Discovering Greece
Discovering Greece: A Journey Through the Ancient World, January 2017
Guest Speaker Ann Vasaly
"Was Machiavelli Right?: Livy’s Depiction of Discord in Early Rome” by Ann Vasaly
Guest Speaker Colin Shelton
“Ovid’s Faces and the Quest for the Minds of Others” by Colin Shelton
Guest Speaker Sarah Derbrew
“Hidden Identities: Black Skin in Heliodorus’ ‘Aithiopika’” by Sarah Derbew
Literary London 2017 offers new courses and internship opportunities in one of the world's cultural capitals
Literary London, a summer study abroad program housed in the Department of English, will offer internships next year alongside courses on Jane Austen and William Shakespeare, according to program director and associate professor of English Kaara Peterson
Department of Classics 3rd Annual Certamen
On November 12, 2016, the department once again sponsored a lively certamen (quiz competition) for 75 + local Latin high school students and their teachers.
Undergraduate Classics Conference
With the invaluable assistance of a stalwart band of Classics students, the Miami University Department of Classics presented the 15th Annual Classics Conference, March 12, 2016.
International Scholars to Take a New Look at How We Understand Later Life
The inaugural North American Network in Aging Studies (NANAS) conference will bring together scholars from North America and Europe to present findings on how various aspects of our culture have shaped what it means to grow old. The conference will take place May 19-22 at Miami University, Oxford, OH.