Example - Applications Organizer

It's always a good idea to apply for multiple sources of funding, because you never know if you're going to get something you apply for. This can mean you have a lot of different due dates, funding sources, and application components to keep track of. This is one example of how to organize applications and consolidate information into an efficient format:

Example table to organize funding data
Due Date Institution Institutional Goal Cover Letter Personal Statement Project Proposal Resume or CV Budget Reference Letters
01/15/19 Univ. X Special focus on environmental archaeology. Has developed an enviro-arch lab - mention how this lab will be useful to my research in my cover letter 1 page max. 1500 words max. N/A CV N/A 3; at least 1 from professor
01/20/19 Funding Source Y Supports undergraduate independent research projects investigating interaction of humans and the environment 1 page max. N/A 2000 words, single-spaced CV List sources of all cost estimates 2 recs, plus a letter of support from proposed partner institution