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FSB Diversity Courses

From a graduate:

"[Studying religion] at Miami enabled me to examine how people structure their values, beliefs, and aspirations. That has been an indispensable skill."
Steve McFarland
Marketing communications

All students in the Farmer School of Business must complete a Diversity Requirement as part of the required common core of business courses.

Your options

Any one of the following courses in the study of religion will satisfy the FSB diversity requirement. If you take one of these courses, it will also count for the Intercultural Perspectives requirement in the Global Miami Plan.

AMS/REL 241 - Religions of the American Peoples

Provides an introduction to the Jewish, Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox traditions as they have developed in North America. What does it take for a minority group to be accepted as "American"?

AAA/WGS/REL 313 - Marriage Across Cultures   Fall 2018

Engages feminist theory and gender studies to explore the consequences of different types of marital formations (polygamous as well as monogamous) for the lives of women and men in selected Western and non-Western cultures.

AMS/REL 342 - Religious Pluralism in Modern America   Fall 2018

Examines the experiences of religious communities in the U.S. of primarily non-European origin: Native American, Latino/a, and Middle Eastern and Asian traditions, including Islam. What role does religion play in constructing racial or ethnic identities?

For students in REL 241 or 342

By taking either AMS/REL 241 or AMS/REL 342, you fill not only the FSB diversity requirement but also a level in the Thematic Sequence REL 1: Religion in American Life. If you wish to complete that Thematic Sequence, you need to take only two more courses.

The Global Miami Plan requires you to complete a Thematic Sequence unless you have a minor or second major outside your department of major.