Summer Residency – July 28-August 4, 2018

Daily Schedule
Date Craft Chat 10AM BAC 337 Workshop 11:15AM Afternoon Event 3:30PM BAC 337 Evening Reading 5:30PM Shriver Center Bookstore
SAT 7/28 Opening Reception Individual Workshops Joe Thornton,
Bad Pony Magazine
Hoa Nguyen & Jim Heynen
SUN 7/29 Jacquelyn Mitchard Individual Workshops Hugh Sheehy Tim Seibles
MON 7/30 Tim Seibles Individual Workshops Final Project Readings Final Project Readings + Dinner
TUES 7/31 Lisa Ampleman, Cincinnati Review Individual Workshops Writing Prompt Tuesday Alissa Nutting & Laura Van Prooyen
Late Night: Open Mic
WED 8/1 Sleep-in Wednesday No Event Individual Workshops Hoa Nguyen Matt Young
THURS 8/2 Matt Young Individual Workshops Keith Tuma Hugh Sheehy & Jacquelyn Mitchard
FRI 8/3 Laura Van Prooyen Individual Workshops Alissa Nutting Director Readings: Keith Tuma & Eric Goodman
SAT 8/4 Jim Heynen Individual Workshops



Daily Craft Chats will be held in the Bachelor Reading Room at 10:00 am,  except on Saturday, 8/4, when Jim Heynen’s Craft Chat will commence at 9:30 am.  Craft Chats are open only to students and faculty of the Low-Residency MFA.

  • 7/28     Opening Reception – No Craft Chat 
  • 7/29     Jacquelyn Mitchard:  The Closer: Strategies for Finishing
  • 7/30     Tim Seibles:  Odes and Elegies: Tone & Its Irresistible Operations
  • 7/31     Lisa Ampleman:  On the Other End of the Submission Manager: An Editor’s POV
  • 8/1       Sleep-In Wednesday  -  No Morning Craft Chat
  • 8/2       Matt Young: POV in Trauma Writing
  • 8/3       Laura Van Prooyen:  Imagination and Transformation
  • 8/4       Jim Heynen:  A Good Sentence is Hard to Find


Afternoon Events at the Winter Residency will take place in the Bachelor Reading Room. They will begin at 3:30 pm, and are open to the wider Miami University Creative Writing community.

  • 7/28   Joe Thornton:  So You Want to Start A Lit Mag  
  • 7/29  Hugh Sheehy:  Breaking Out of the Cage. Or Not. The Question of Closed Time in Storytelling
  • 7/30    Final Project Readings
  • 7/31   Writing Prompt Tuesday
  • 8/1     Hoa Nguyen:  Talk With The Dead Talk
  • 8/2     Keith Tuma:  Small Press Publishing and Literary Community
  • 8/3     Alissa Nutting:  You’re Just Being Paranoid: Crafting Suspicion in Narrative

PUBLIC READINGS | 5:30PM| Shriver Center Bookstore

Readings are open to members of the Low-Residency MFA, the wider Miami University Creative Writing community, and to the general public. All readings will begin at 5:00 pm in the Shriver Center Bookstore.  

  • 7/28  Hoa Nguyen, Poet & Jim Heynen, Fiction Writer
  • 7/29  Tim Seibles, Poet
  • 7/30  Final Project Readings and Dinner
  • 7/31  Alissa Nutting, Fiction Writer & Laura Van Prooyen, Poet
  • 8/1    Matthew  Young, Creative Nonfiction Writer
  • 8/2    Jacquelyn Mitchard & Hugh Sheehy, Fiction Writers
  • 8/3    Directors Reading: Keith Tuma, Poet and Eric Goodman, Fiction Writer