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Costs and Financing

Because we know that many students and families must make a significant investment in study abroad, we strive hard to offer you an extremely good value and competitive cost for 6 weeks of study and living in central London, one of the world’s most expensive cities.

Summer programs are typically better values than J-term or full-semester/academic-year programs, allowing you to truly settle into life in London over 6 weeks without committing to another university/hassle of transferring credits.

Students pay Miami tuition for 7 course credits and a Literary London program fee to our partner AIFS that covers everything you do in London, including all accommodation and components (See Current Course Info/Program Components). Different payment options are available for both tuition and program fees. All payments are in USD$, guaranteed not to fluctuate with currency changes, which helps you keep a firm hold on your budget. See Forms/Deadlines for calendar of due dates.

Miami Tuition

Tuition is paid on your regular basis, in-state or out-of-state, and placed on your Miami Bursar’s account. 

  • Summer 2018 tuition and fees (scroll down) will be set by Miami University: tuition for 2017 was $544/credit for in-state students and $905/credit for out-of-state students. 

Lit London Program Fee

We have managed to keep the program fee typically below or right around $4,995. We work with our AIFS partners in London and CT to insure smooth payments and welcome on-site, but Literary London is entirely a Miami program.

Program fee deposits of $750. (check or credit card) paid to AIFS are applied to your balance. All accounts are invoiced professionally by AIFS in CT.

  • Total fees of $4,915 for Literary London 2017 covered on-site costs for the whole 6 weeks—please see Current Course Info/Program Components for the extensive list of covered components. Fee excludes airfare, books, and non-group meals. Visa fees are paid to the UK government and/or to AIFS. Oystercards and group transport are covered upon arrival at your flats.
  • Program fees for Literary London 2018 will cover a similar set of components and be approximately the same as for 2017, depending on final enrollment. The minimum and maximum costs will be spelled out in detail on your housing contract form, as well as a schedule of refunds should this be necessary. We also have suggestions for helping you keep costs down! 

Financing Study Abroad

Be certain to visit Study Abroad/Global Initiatives, MacMillan, and meet with a Summer program advisor. Contact Lynn Butler ( or another available advisor (see below). S​ome students, such as Honors students, are eligible for tuition waivers.​ Contact a relevant advisor. 

Visit these sites regularly to stay aware of deadlines:

  • Adrian Gaskins Memorial Scholarship Fund
    The Adrian Gaskins Memorial Scholarship Fund will be awarded to Miami University students participating in any study abroad program. There is a strong preference to select students of historically underrepresented populations, with financial need, who have not previously studied abroad. The scholarship shall be awarded by the Office of Student Financial Assistance based on the nomination received from a selection committee within the Department of Global and Intercultural Studies. GPA will not be a disqualifying factor in awarding this scholarship. 
    The Gaskins Scholarship will be awarded twice annually (once per semester); spring application deadline for summer 2017 study-abroad programs is  March 1,  2017 
    Application Form

  • Gilman Scholarship 
    Gilman Scholarships are awarded by the U.S. Department of State for students with limited financial means. Students must be Pell Grant recipients and studying abroad for 28 days or longer in a single country to qualify. The deadline for Summer 2017 programs is March 7. Refer students to Karla at for assistance.