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Literary London alumni
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Literary London alumni
Literary London alumni
Literary London alumni
Literary London alumni
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Student Alumni and Faculty

Literary London alumni in BathStudent Alumni

We love our many Lit London alumni! We hold many alumni and welcoming events on campus throughout the year, including London Quiz/Trivia Nights, the Oxford Alumni Tea, and other new events.

Literary London is always developing new ways to stay connected, whether you’re a new student looking to contact alumni through our LL London Facebook group or an alum who wants to rejoin friends you made in London! Stay posted here for current events…

Alumni Contacts

Our alumni have majors/minors in Political Science, Music, History, IMS, Strat Comm, Psychology, Classics, Pre-Law, Foreign Languages, Neuroscience, Zoology, Theater, Anthropology, Athletics, Philosophy, and Business, among others.

Lindsey Kober (museum intern)

Jordan Long, Evan Doran (publishing/Peirene Press interns)

Katie Malek (education intern)

Clara Milligan (pr intern)

Maria Ramos (theater intern)

Recarlo Richardson

Eric Rubeo

Faculty Alumni

Please contact our alumni faculty who will happily talk to you about their past experiences teaching in the program:

James Bromley, Literature: Shakespeare, Renaissance studies (ENG 134, 440, 450)

Colin JenningsLiterature: Jane Austen, the English Novel, and Popular Culture (ENG 281/440) 

Katie Johnson, Literature: Modern British & Irish Drama From Page to Stage (ENG 450)

Katie Kickel, Literature, Hamilton campus: Jane Austen, the English Novel, and Popular Culture (ENG 281/440) 

Margaret Luongo, Creative Writing/Fiction: Writing Historical London (ENG 399); Intro to Creative Writing: Writing London (ENG 226)

Anita Mannur, Literature: Postcolonial London (AAA/ENG 369)

Patrick Murphy, Literature: Medieval Literature in London (ENG 327)

TaraShea Nesbit, Creative Writing/Fiction, CNF: Intro to Creative Writing: London Writing You (ENG 226; ENG 399)

Kaara Peterson, Literature: Shakespeare, Renaissance studies (ENG 440, 450, 490)

David Schloss, Creative Writing/Fiction: Writing London (ENG 399) British Modernism (ENG 345)

Catherine Wagner, Creative Writing/Poetry: Art and the Word: Ekphrastic and Visual Poetry (ENG 490)

General Program Inquiries 


Director, Kaara L. Peterson, Literature, English Department

Associate Director, James Bromley, Literature, English Department

Assistant Director, Margaret Luongo, Creative Writing, English Department