The Cathedral in Milan, Italy

The cathedral in Milan, Italy

Advising and Placement


For questions relating to Italian courses or advising guidance, please contact:

Dr. Andrea Righi
Irvin Hall 208
513-529-7508 Department
513-529-5932 Office

Course Placement

If this is a new language for you (i.e., no prior experience in this language), students should enroll in Italian 101 and do not need to take a placement exam or advisement evaluation.

If you have taken Italian in high school, then the general rule is that one year of high school instruction is equal to one semester of university level instruction. If you have had previous experience or education in this language and are not sure about which course you should enroll in, please talk to the language advisor prior to enrolling in a language course. The language advisor would be able to interview briefly and recommend a best placement based on your written, spoken, listening, literary, and cultural competence.