The Cathedral in Milan, Italy

The cathedral in Milan, Italy

Course Descriptions for Italian

ITL 101, 102 - Beginner's Course (4, 4)

Objective: to develop the four language skills of oral comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Prerequisite for 102: ITL 101 or equivalent.

ITL 105.W - Intensive Elementary Italian (8)

Intensive course, offered only in summer abroad, covers work normally included in 101, 102. Allows student to take a full year's work in eight weeks, 15 hours per week.

ITL 201, 202 - Second-Year Italian (3, 3)

Review of grammar, writing skills, and augmentation of vocabulary and idiomatic expression, and an introduction to critical reading. Prerequisite: for 201, ITL 102 or 105 or equivalent; for 202, ITL 201. ITL 202: CAS-A.

ITL 205.W - Intensive Intermediate Italian (8)

Intensive course, offered only in summer abroad, covers work normally included in 201, 202, plus structured conversation. Allows student to take a full year's work in eight weeks, 15 hours per week. Prerequisite: ITL 102 or 105 or equivalent. CAS-A

ITL 221 - Italy, Matrix of Civilization (MPF) (3)

An investigation of Italian contributions to civilization through recorded history, from the cultures of the Etruscans and the Romans to contemporary Italians, taking into consideration the Italian peninsula's geography and history, the artistic outpouring of the Renaissance, the scientific revolution, opera, literature, cinema, emigration and immigration, and Italy's multi-ethnic future. Taught in English. No prerequisites. Offered once a year. IIB, IIIB, H. CAS-B

ITL 222 - Italian American Culture (MPF) (3)

A survey and investigation of the history of Italian immigration in America, the development of Italian American communities across the land, and the contributions that Italian Americans have made to American society and culture. Taught in English. No prerequisites. Offered once a year. Cross-listed with AMS and FST 262. IIB, IIIA, H. CAS-B.

ITL 262 - Italian Cinema (MPT) (3)

Discussion and analysis of major movies and trends in Italian cinema. Topics may vary but attention is given to social and ideological implications of Italian cinema and the way movies produce a critique of cultural mores. Taught in English. No prerequisites. Offered once a year. Cross-listed with FST 262. CAS-B-LIT.

ITL 301/302 - Introduction to Italian Literature (3, 3)

Techniques for critical reading in three major genres of drama, poetry, and prose with emphasis on classical literature in 301 and contemporary literature in 302. Prerequisite: ITL 202 or 205 or equivalent. CAS-B-LIT.

ITL 305.W - Intensive Advanced Italian (8)

Students perfect their ability in the four language skills through practice in oral and written composition and are introduced to various aspects of Italian culture including literature, art, music, history, politics, etc., through lectures, reading, and discussion. Offered only in summer abroad, 15 hours per week for eight weeks. Prerequisite: ITL 202 or 205 or equivalent. CAS-A

ITL 364 - From Marco Polo to Machiavelli (MPT) (3)

Examination of Classical and Asian influences in Italian culture from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance. Works of Marco Polo, Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio, the Italian Humanists, and Renaissance artists and writers, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Ariosto, Castiglione, and Machiavelli, including women poets, such as Vittoria Colonna, Gaspara Stampa, and Veronica Franco, are read and discussed against the historical background of Mediterranean trade and culture from the 13th through the 16th century, when the Italian peninsula was a crossroads between Europe, Africa, and Asia. Taught in English. Cross-listed with ENG 364. Offered very two years. CAS-B-LIT.

ITL 401 - Dante's Divine Comedy (MPT) (3)

Intensive examination of Dante's major work, The Divine Comedy, read in a bilingual edition. Lectures and discussion in English. No prerequisites. Offered every two years. Cross-listed with ENG 401. CAS-B-LIT.

ITL 410 - Topics in Italian (3-9)

Taught in Italian. Will focus on different topics in Italian literature and culture. Specific topics to be studied will be announced each time the course is offered. Students may take the course for credit up to three times, provided that the topic of each offering is different each time. All readings, discussions, and assignments will be in Italian. Prerequisites: ITL 202 or 205, or the equivalent (two years of university-level Italian), or permission from the instructor.

ITL 420 - Senior Capstone in Italian Studies and Writing Workshop (3)

Required of all Italian Studies majors and open to qualified non-majors, students pursue an in-depth investigation of topics encountered in previous Italian Studies courses and share, critique, and develop portfolios of writing assignments in two genres: one for a specialized audience, with the aim of submitting it for a national essay contest, and the other for a popular audience, to submit for publication in the "travel" section of a newspaper, magazine, or e-publication.

ITL 680 - Independent Study (1-6)

Independent work in Italian literature of language.

ITL 680.W - Summer Language Institute in Italy

Study Italian language and culture under optimum conditions in Italy, intensively, and without distraction from other courses. In one summer, you complete the material of a full academic year of language study. All classes are taught by the director and a staff of native Italian instructors. The institute is located in the beautiful Renaissance city of Urbino, home of a national art museum and the University of Urbino and within easy weekend distance of other centers of Italian culture.

Abbreviations and Terms:
CAS-A: Fulfills a part of the College of Arts and Science foreign language requirement
CAS-B-LIT: Fulfills a part of the College of Arts and Science humanities requirement in literature
MPF: Miami Plan Foundation course
MPT: Miami Plan Thematic Sequence Course
H: Fulfills the historical perspective requirement
IIB: Humanities
IIIB: World cultures