Carl Dahlman

Professor of Geography
& Director of International Studies
Miami University
124 MacMillan Hall
Oxford, OH  45056


Political geography, critical geopolitics, population/migration/refugees, Europe, former Yugoslavia, Middle East.


  • BA 1993, Virginia Tech
  • MUA 1996, Virginia Tech
  • PhD 2001, University of Kentucky


  • ITS 201: Introduction to International Studies
  • GEO 205: Population and Migration
  • GEO 311: Geography of Western Europe
  • ITS 365: Peace-building in the Balkans
  • GEO 378: Political Geography
  • GEO 385: Media Geographies
  • GEO 460/560: Social Theory and Spatial Thought
  • ITS 402R: Black Markets and Shadow Economies

Selected Publications

Ó Tuathail, G. and C.T. Dahlman. 2011. Bosnia Remade: Ethnic Cleansing and its Reversal. New York: Oxford University Press.

S. Rosière, C. Dahlman, K. Cox, and C. Machiani-Marcuzzo, eds., 2009. Penser l’espace politique. Paris: Editions Ellipses.

Dahlman, C.T. (2011). “Breaking Iraq: reconstruction as war,” in S. Kirsch and C. Flint, eds., Reconstructing Conflict: Integrating War and Post-War Geographies. Burlington, Vt.: Ashgate Publishing, 179-202.

Dahlman, C.T. and T. Williams. 2010. “Ethnic Enclavisation and State Formation In Kosovo.” Geopolitics 15(2): 406-430.

Dahlman, C.T. 2010. “After Nietzsche’s Beyond.” ACME: An International e-journal for critical geographies, 9(1):66-71.