Sean Hudson

Visiting Assistant Professor of Geography

Miami University
101 Shideler Hall
Oxford, Ohio 45056


  • BA, Geography. University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (2010)
  • MS, Geography. University of Delaware (2016)
  • PhD, Geography. University of Delaware (2019)


My research interests are Forest Hydrology, tree canopy interception processes, tree mediated soil moisture dynamics, canopy interception in green infrastructure projects, novel and open-source instrumentation, and UAVs in Forest Hydrology.


  • GEO 122: Geographic Environments
  • GEO 242: Mapping a Changing World
  • GEO 441: Geographic Information Systems

Selected Publications

  • Levia, D.F., Creed, I.F., Hannah, D.M., Nanko, K., Boyer, E., Carlyle-Moses, D.E., van de Giesen, N., Grasso, D., Guswa, A., Hudson, J.E., Hudson, S.A., Iida, S., Jackson, R., Katul, G., Kumagai., T, Llorens, P., Ribeiro, F.L., Pataki, D., Peters, C., Cattetero, D.S., Selker, J.S., Tetzlaff, D. Zalewski, M., Bruen, M.,   Homogenization of the terrestrial water cycle. Nat. Geosci. 13, 656–658 (2020).

  • Guswa, A.J., Tetzlaff, D., Selker, J.S., Carlyle-Moses, D.E., Boyer, E.W., Bruen, M.,  Cayuela, C., Creed, I.F., van de Giesen, N., Grasso, D., Hannah, D.M.,  Hudson, J.E., Hudson, S.A., Iida, S., Jackson, R.B., Katul, G.G., Kumagai, T., Llorens, P.,  Lopes Ribeiro, F., Michalzik, B.,  Nanko, K., Oster, C., Pataki, D.E., Peters, C.A., Rinaldo, A., Sanchez Carretero, D., Trifunovic, B., Zalewski, M., Levia D.F. 2020. Ecohydrology in the 21st Century: A Convergence of Opportunities.  Ecohydrology