Graduate Students

Zoey Armstrong, BS Biological Science, Miami University 2019

Kevin Baker, BA Geography, University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown, 2017
My research goals are to further understand the Rust Belt's former manufacturing cities which have become urban blight in the past 30 years, focusing on the Monongahela Valley. My research questino is what the future has in store for these ghost towns that steel/coal production has left behind with no commutable infrastructure to connect to Pittsburgh.

Topista Barasa, BS Geography, Egerton University, 2016
I am interested in Sub-Saharan Africa urbanization especially in Kenya. My research is in urban land use change due to transportation development, that has brought about land speculation in rapidly growing African cities like Nairobi. I will use GIS and remote sensed data to show the land use change that has occurred before and after the construction of the Souther By Pass in Nairobi. I intend to contribute to planning policies in Kenya that will be used in future urban planning.

Mastano Dzimbiri, BS Education, University of Livingstonia, 2016
My research focuses on water security and vulnerability in rural areas of Northern Malawi. Specifically, I enploy Objective Index to Water Security framework to assess and understand spatial variation of household water (in)security in rural areas and the factors that make rural communities vulnerable to water scarcity.

Brooke Ecklar, BA Zoology, Miami University, 2017
My interests fall within the realm of biogeography, broadly looking at how modern changes (climate, fragmentation, invasion, etc.) affect the spatial distributions of wildlife, as well as conservation efforts used to mitigate the effects of these changes. I'm currently looking at how invasive plant species affect native bird populations and forest community structures. 

Fain, Justin, BA Urban & Regional Planning, Miami University, 2019

Tessa Farthing, BS Biological Science, University of Dayton, 2019

Keelin Haynes, BA Political Science, Miami University, 2018
Broadly, my interests are in governance and development in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. More specifically, I am interested in security in these regions as it relates to multi-ethnic governance, climate change, and militantism. My goal is to combine cultural studies with geospatial tools like GIS and remote sensing to better understand how human activity both affects and is effected by local environments. My current research involves creating localized predictive land cover change models for regions with high-yield agriculture and unique cultural practices.

Meghan Jones, BA Geography, Miami University, 2017
Many of my interests revolve around environmental sustainability throughout urban centers. I'd like to analyze multiple factors such as: transportation, applied policies, land use, infrastructure, and future aspirations and solutions to creating a more environmentally sustainable city.

Andrews Korah, BA Geography, Kwame Nkrumah University, 2017
My research interests are centered around sustainable development, impact of climate change on livelihoods, GIS and Remote Sensing, urban planning and globalization. Currently, I am studying how space is changing in urban Africa under globalization using Accra Airport City, Ghana asa a case study.

Paul Kwasi, BS Social Science, Kwame Nkrumah University, 2014

Connor O'Hearn, BS Business, Miami University, 2015

Eileen Rintsch, BS Zoology & BA Environmental Science, Miami University, 2018

Maria Sanchez, BA Geography, Ohio State University, 2017
My broad interests include political ecology, environmental justice and policy, and human-environment interactions as it relates to climate change. My focused interests in geography include the representation of indigenous communities in the US and Latin America, US Latinx/Amerindian health and environmental policies related to government parks/recreation spaces, and the politics and economic geographies of immigrant communities in the US. I also want to apply GIS and remote sensing methods to the topics previously listed.

Lauren Sandeman, MA Geography, University of Edinburgh, 2016

Jessica Stoyko, BS Biological Science, Miami University, 2019

TengKeng Vang, BS Biological Sciences, University of California-Santa Cruz, 2017
Broadly speaking I'm interested in biogeography, landscape ecology, and spatial ecology. My research uses a variety of quantitative and statistical methods to model animal space use. I'm currently modeling beaver dam distribution using several different ecological niche methods.