Alumni Spotlights


Andersen, Brannon (M.S. '88)

Brannon, a professor at Furman University,has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to spend 10 months at the University of Zadar in Croatia.  His family (Carol '86, Sydney and Kira) will also join Brannon.  He will be doing research and teaching while in Zadar, not to mention quite a bit of sightseeing!


Bon, Christiaan (B.S. '11)

Christiaan completed a Master's degree at the University of Maine in hydrogeology. His work resulted in a publication looking at water-gas interaction in a peatland system. Currently, Christiaan is employed as a Logging While Drilling (LWD) specialist in the Cleveland-Pittsburg-Columbus region. His job involves interpreting real-time data from a large variety of measurements such as a natural gamma ray, resistivity, and neutron porosity.


Agnes Taylor

Taylor, Agnes (B.S. 12)

After graduating from Miami, Agnes began her, Master's work at the University of Maine.  She is carrying out serpentinite dissolution experiments in the presence of different organic ligands at a variety of temperatures.  Her goal is to identify chemical signatures that are unique to environments where life is present.  These signatures can
then be used when looking at the chemistry of materials or vapors collected from potentially habitable moons or planets such as Jupiter's moon, Europa.

Johnston, Kathleen (B.A. ’82)

Kathleen reports that she, Liz Johnson Mauch and Linda Burbrick O’Halloran recently found each other and reconnected through LinkedIn.  Kathleen works for DigitalGlobe in Colorado as a Geology and Forestry SME for Remote Sensing Research and Development and recently launched a new satellite.

Phillips Lander, Charity (M.S. ’04)

Charity received 1st place for her research in the University of Kansas Geology Department’s G-Hawker Student Research Competition and 1st place in her university wide KU/Sigma Xi Student Research Competition for her work on microorganisms as indicators of epithermal ore formation.  She defended her Ph.D. in August and immediately began a NASA funded postdoc at the University of Oklahoma.  Last summer she interned for ExxonMobil Upstream Research on carbonate clumped isotope analysis for burial and diagenesis.  Charity and her husband Geoff are celebrated their 10th anniversary in July.