Undergraduate Research Forum


2020 Annual Undergraduate Research Forum

The Annual Undergraduate Research Forum was held in a virtual setting on April 29.  Undergraduate students participated in this forum and are listed below along with the title of their research work.  This forum is sponsored by the Office for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship (OARS). 

Kinshuk Tella and Keira Johnson (Advisors:  Mark Krekeler and Claire McLeod) - Soil Remediation of Silver Mine Tailings Through the Use of Vegetation.

Luke McCreary (Advisor: Claire McLeod) - Searching for Gold in Fool's Gold: An Investigation of Nevada Pyrites.

Seth Young (Advisor:  Michael Brudzinski) - Factors Controlling Hydraulic Fracture Induced Seismicity in Ohio

Lucas Young (Advisor: Mark Krekeler) - Developing a Hyperspectral Database for Remote Sensing of Mine Water in Tonopah, Nevada

Blake Stubbins, Emma Palko, Rosamiel Ries and Ellie Knutson (Advisor:  Brian Currie; Additional:  Haley Thoresen, Seth Swearingen, Emmanuel Adedugbe, Jonathan Levy, Thomas A. Nash and Daniel Blake) - Bedrock-topography and Quaternary drift-thickness maps of Oxford and College Corner quadrangles, Butler and Preble counties, Ohio.