Dr. Cathie Grimm with a German 111 Class Dr. Cathie Grimm with a German 111 Class

Dr. Irina Goncharenko-Rose

Dr. Irina Goncharenko-Rose

Dr. Irina Goncharenko-Rose
Visiting Assistant Professor


More than thirty years of experience teaching Russian, both in Ukraine, in Germany, and the United States. Studied Russian philology at Kiev State University (Ukraine). Upon graduation in 1979 received a Master degree in Russian Language and Literature and granted the title “Philologist, Teacher of Russian Language and Literature.” In August 1979  started working as an Instructor at the Kiev Pedagogical Institute for Foreign Languages, in the Department of Russian Language and Literature for Foreigners (RSL), one of the three top RSL programs in the former Soviet Union. In 1987 received Ph.D. at the Potebnya Institute of Linguistics at the National Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

From 1985 to 1990: worked as an Instructor and Assistant Professor in the Department of Russian at the Kiev Pedagogical Institute for Foreign Languages.  Was the adviser for a group of instructors teaching Russian at the intermediate level (working out curricula and advising on methodology of teaching).  Courses taught: Introduction to Linguistics, Literature (for Russian majors), Russian language, and Reading Russian Media.

In June–July of 1990: worked as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Summer School of Foreign Languages in Dresden, Germany, teaching an Intensive Russian Language and Culture course to German teachers of Russian. 

From January to June of 1990: worked as Consultant Faculty under the auspices of the American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR, Washington, DC) at the University of Cincinnati. 

Since August of 1990 until now have been working in the Department of German, Russian, Asian, and Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures (GRAMELAC) at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio; first as a Consultant ACTR Faculty, then (since August, 1993) as a Visiting Instructor, and since August, 1994 till now as Visiting Faculty and Visiting Assistant Professor. 

From 2000 to 2005 was the Adviser for the Russian Club, and the Editor of the GRAMELAC’s Russian program newsletter “Window to Russia.”

Since 1999 up to 2013 was the Director of the Novgorod Summer Intensive Russian Language and Culture Program in Novgorod the Great, Moscow, and St. Petersburg.

In 1996-1998: taught the Intensive Russian language courses in the Summer Workshop for Slavic and East European Languages at Indiana University. 

Courses taught at Miami University: Russian Language (all levels from RUS 101 to 412), Intensive Summer Russian, Golden Age of the Russian Culture (XIX century – history, literature, music, and visual art), Russian Conversation (Advanced level), Everyday Spoken Russian (sprint course for beginners), Imagining Russia (coordinating and lecturing on Russian mindset in team teaching).

Has fifteen publications, including a book on linguistics, articles on the methodology of teaching RSL, linguistics, and the cultural contexts of words. While teaching at Miami University, presented several papers at the annual national convention of the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and Eastern European Languages (AATSEEL).