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Why Learn German?

  • With over 100 million native speakers of German. It is the most commonly spoken native language in Europe.
  • More than 750 American companies manufacture, market, and do research in Germany. Because Germany is the leading exporter and the third largest economy in the world.
  • There are 128 German companies employing over 35,000 people in Ohio alone. German corporations have invested more than $ 35 billion in the United States, employing more than 700,000 Americans.
  • .DE is the second most popular domain name on the Internet.
  • A knowledge of German language and culture significantly improves job opportunities.
  • German language publications amount to some 80,000 books a year, or 10% of the world output. But only about 5% of them are translated into English.
  • German translators are needed.
  • German is not difficult to learn. It is historically related to English and shares many words and structures with English.
  • Scholarships and awards are awarded to German students at every level including the intro levels.
  • With two years of university German you can begin to function, reading, writing, speaking, and understanding spoken German.