Why Learn Hebrew?

Hebrew Alphabet Text Hebrew Alphabet Text
 Arch of Titus Showing Menorah  Arch of Titus Showing Menorah
 Haifa Shoreline  Haifa Shoreline
 Hebrew Stone Inscription  Hebrew Stone Inscription
 Masada  Masada
 Hebrew Musical Score  Hebrew Musical Score
 Ceramic Plate with Shalom Inscription  Ceramic Plate with Shalom Inscription
 Rabbi Blowing a Shofar  Rabbi Blowing a Shofar
 Torah Scroll  Torah Scroll
The Wailing Wall at Jerusalem The Wailing Wall at Jerusalem
  • Hebrew is an ancient language thousands of years old and it is still spoken by nearly 11 million people.
  • There is a large Jewish population living in the United States so a command of the Hebrew language and an understanding of the Jewish culture will allow you to make close and important connections.
  • Israel is a growing center for science and technology.
  • Israeli corporations are expanding into the United States, and are looking for business people who can speak Hebrew and are familiar with the Jewish customs.
  • There is a growing demand for Hebrew translators in the business and legal fields.
  • Hebrew is considered a critical language by the United States government so people who speak Hebrew are much more likely to be hired and advance within the government.
  • Hebrew is highly demanded by the United States Military because of the conflicts in the Middle East.
  • Because of close political ties between Israel and the United States, those students knowing the Hebrew language and culture will have better chance of advancing in political careers.
  • Hebrew is crucial for students who are interested in Comparative Religion Studies and Anthropology.
  • Israel is a popular destination for American students studying abroad. Knowledge of language and culture significantly improves the study abroad experience.
  • Israel is also a major tourist hub with millions of people visiting every year. Whether you are interested in the tourist business or just want to visit, knowing the language and culture will make the experience so much better.