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Graduate Student Seminars

MBI 690 Seminars
Fall 2017

218 Pearson Hall
Mondays@4:15 pm

September 11

Hui Shang
Baculovirus polyhedrin gene and polyhedra

September 18

Cecily Wood
Light-sensing and cell motility functions of Acinetobacter baumannii

September 25

Monica Feng
Characterization ​of Mycoplasma pneumoniae biofilms

October 2

Isha Kalra
Energy balance, cyclic electron flow and supercomplexes

October 9

Gabrielle Lopez
The interplay between Adenovirus chromatin and host cell histone modifications

October 16

Jeff Ringiesn
Methylotrophic catabolism of quaternary amines by anaerobic microorganisms

October 23

Zev Cariani
Lake Bonney phytoplankton responses to the polar night

October 30

Chris Chen
Concatenation of Adenovirus type 5 E4-genome mediated through DNA damage repair pathway

November 6

Jenna DeLuca
Elucidating the role of FcRL1 in B cell activation

November 13

Chandra Mani Kafle
No Title

November 20

No Seminar

November 27

Joyti Kashyap
No Title