Current Graduate Students

Erica Bigelow

BA in Philosophy, Minor in English & Political Science from Stonewall College

Erica’s interests are feminist and queer theory, social philosophy and the philosophy of language and literature. She also teaches uptown at Root Yoga.

Joshua Brown

B.A. & M.A. Double Majoring in Philosophy and Comparative Religion from Miami University

Joshua’s interests are the philosophy of love, metaphysics of ancient  philosophy, western religions as well as the intersection of religion and pop culture. He also studied abroad last year in the UAE.

Ken Bruce

B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Cincinnati

Ken’s interests are critical phenomenology. epistemic injustice and philosophy of race. He also plays bass in a jazz band.

Cori Cleveland

B.A. in Philosophy & Psychology from Wittenberg University

Cori’s interests are the philosophy of language, epistemology and feminist theory. She also held a baby kangaroo once.

Mikaela Foresta

B.A. in Philosophy from Northern Arizona University

Mikaela’s interests are phenomenology, environmental thought, hiking and jazz. She also grew up in the Mohave desert.

Madison Rumschik

B.A. in Philosophy and Graphic Design from Miami University

Madison’s interests are feminist philosophy, ethics, social impact design, and social justice activism. She has also been to South Korea several times.

Matias Seigal

B.A. in Philosophy from Florida International University

Matias’s interests are continental philosophy, the history of philosophy, Nietzsche and Deleuze. He is also from Argentina.

Chris Vanbeukering

B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Memphis

Chris’s interests are feminist and queer theory, continental philosophy, asexuality and disability studies. He also had ten pets at one point.