Khalid F. Eid

Associate Professor

Khalid Eid

103 Kreger Hall

Research Website

  • BS in Physics, University of Jordan, 1993
  • MS Yarmouk University, 1996
  • PhD Michigan State University, 2002
  • Joined Miami faculty in 2007

I teach freshman and contemporary physics classes for both physics majors and science and engineering students. I enjoy teaching students about established theories in physics as well as some of the newest frontiers in the field.

My research area is experimental condensed matter physics in the areas of nano-fabrication and spintronics. We use electron beam lithography and photolithography extensively to fabricate the needed nano-scale devices. After that we measure their spin-dependent resistance (magnetoresistance) at cryogenic temperatures down to about 7K in external magnetic fields.

Our lab houses a class 1000 cleanroom facility and a magnetic characterization lab. Most our nano- and micro-devices are based on the ferromagnetic semiconductor GaMnAs. Being both a ferromagnet and a semiconductor at the same time, GaMnAs devices can have added flexibility and rich science compared to other semiconductor nano-devices.

One of the recent research projects in the group is to fabricate lateral nanostructures of metal/GaMnAs and study their tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) in detail. We are also working on fabricating “tunable magnetoresistance” nano-devices that will potentially enable the gate control of the magnetoresistance effect.

Both undergraduate and graduate students working in my group get the chance to conduct research in nanotechnology and in measuring sample resistance at cryogenic temperatures.