2019-20 Physics Mentors

About the Program

The Miami University Physics Department is dedicated to ensuring all new and current students get the most out of their undergraduate experience. Our department is uniquely distinguished by our commitment to undergraduate teaching, our high volume of involvement in undergraduate research, and our various departmental programs and clubs into which students are encouraged to get involved.

We are pleased to be able to offer a mentoring program to our incoming freshmen, transfer students, and students new to the department. The mentor program was implemented by students for students. It is comprised of upperclassmen student volunteers. The program's goal is to aid new students in their transition into the department by acting as a bridge between students and faculty, providing guidance on class scheduling, aiding in the involvement of undergraduate research, and diminishing the social gap between upper and underclassmen.

The Physics Department is a very closely knit community and our goal is to ensure that all new and current students feel welcome. Future students...we look forward to meeting you!

Contact Rosie or Andy to become a mentor!

Rosie Ries

I am a fourth-year undergraduate with a double major in Physics and Geology. I am currently the president for the Society of Physics Students and have previously served as treasurer, vice-president and outreach officer for SPS. This year, I am also serving as undergraduate representative. I hope to help first-year students to be involved in the Physics department, even if they are involved in research or other majors outside of the department. While I am an active member of the physics department, I also work on seismology research run out of the geology department, so I understand that it can be difficult to be involved in more than one department at Miami, but I hope that my experience will be able to help the incoming students to feel like they have that option.

Andy Rodriguez

I'm a third-year biological physics major with a premedical studies co-major. I'm also involved with the honors department and Dr. Urayama's lab. The mentor program was created my first year in the department, and I had the opportunity to be one its first mentees. Thanks to this program, I've had an amazing support structure of friends and mentors throughout my time at Miami, and I'm eager to create that same experience for new students. This department offers unique and challenging experiences, and a diverse selection of opportunities to its students, all it takes is an introduction.