Seminars and Lectures

Fall 2019, 4:25pm in Room 221 Kreger Hall Unless Otherwise Noted

Aug 28—No Seminar

Sep 4—Department Poster Presentation

Sep 11—Undergraduate Research Presentations

Rosie Ries

"Earthquakes Induced by Hydraulic Fracturing: Insights from Oklahoma"

Mike Zito

"Tidal Threshing and the Formation of Ultra-Compact Dwarf Galaxies"

Andy Rodriguez

"Bacterial Nanowires: A Systematic Investigation of Filament Expression in Geobacter"

Sep 18—Undergraduate Research Presentations

Max Kreider

"Using Phasor Analysis to Sense Cellular Metabolism from Autofluorescence Containing Background Emission"

Junjiang (Jim) Li

"Numerical Simulations of the Fast Adiabatic Transport of BECs"

Thomas Li

"Measurement of Dicke-Narrowed Optical Transitions in Warm Alkali Vapor for Different Atomic Spatial Localizations"

Sep 25—Alumnus Ken Pulkkinen, Ohio State University

"Physics of the Solar System"

Oct 2—No Seminar

Oct 9—Arjun Yodh, University of Pennsylvania

"Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging of Biomarkers in Brain and Breast"

Oct 16—Adrienne Traxler, Wright State University

"Role Analysis of Introductory Physics Collaboration Networks"

Oct 23—Cass Sackett, University of Virginia

"An Atom-Interferometer Gyroscope using Trapped Atoms"

Oct 30—Aaron Reinhard, Kenyon College

"Ultracold Rydberg Atoms: How State Mixing Breaks the Rydberg Excitation Blockade"

Nov 6—Ana Asenjo-Garcia, Columbia University

"Correlated Physics of Arrays of Quantum Dipoles"

Nov 13—Corey McDonald, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

"Enabling Quantum Technology with Integrated Photonics"

Nov 20—Darsa Donelan, Gustavus Adolphus College

"Effect of Supplemental Video Instruction on Introductory Physics Labs"

Nov 27—No Seminar, Thanksgiving

Dec 4—Olivier Pfister, University of Virginia

"Toward Scalable Quantum Computing in the Quantum Optical Frequency Comb"