Seminars and Lectures

Fall 2018, 4:30pm in Room 221 Kreger Hall

Sept 5 - Faculty Poster Presentation

Sept 12 - Arjun Pathak, Ames Laboratory

"Rare earth based magnetic materials: Fundamental to application perspective"

Sept 19 - Dan Gautier, Ohio State University

"High-speed prediction of a chaotic system using reservoir computers"

Sept 26 - Quincy Brown, Tulane University

"High throughput optical sectioning microscopy and computational topology for a new digital pathology workflow"

Oct 3 - Alumna Megan Marshall, University of Maryland

"The effect of the magnetic Rayleigh-Taylor instability in thin black hole accretion disks"

Oct 10 - Ryan McClarren, University of Notre Dame

"Predictive science in inertial confinement fusion: The symphony of machine learning, high-performance computing and uncertainty quantification

Oct 17 - Undergraduate Research Presentations

  • Linzhao Zhuo, "Slow light at 300 m/s in atomic gas" 
  • Brent Reichert, "Validation and raw data processing of a smartphone-based spectrometer for determination of optical properties"

Oct 24 - Noureddine Melikechi, UMass Lowell

"Looking for signatures of cancers and elemental characterization of martian rocks and solid using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy"

Oct 31 - Stefan Carp, Harvard University

"Optical imaging in breast cancer management and brain health monitoring"

Nov 7 - Michael Sumption, Ohio State University 

"The development of artificial pinning structures in superconducting ternary Nb3Sn; microstructure, pinning, and critical fields"

Nov 14 - Shu-Wei Huang, University of Colorado

"Kerr frequency comb - a tiny revolution for future metrology"

Nov 21 - No Seminar - Thanksgiving Holiday

Nov 28 - David Cubero