Astronomy Club at Miami University

Starry night in the cosmos

Who we are...

We are a group of students who are enthusiastic about space. We do not have any formal background in astronomy, but are passionate about what our universe has to offer.

Dr. Christopher Beer and Dr. Stephen Alexander are our faculty mentors/co-advisors. Dr. Alexander has a strong research background in theoretical, computational planetary dynamics which studies complications in the formation of planets. Both faculty advisors are focused and committed to aiding student involvement in the organization while enhancing our knowledge of the universe as we know it.

2020-21 Officers


Orion Koleva

Vice President/Secretary

Carter Gillespie


Skyler Wright

Outreach & Activities

Ell Kroger

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Christopher Beer

Dr. Stephen Alexander

When and Where...

The Astronomy Club meetings are in Kreger Hall during the fall and spring semesters. Meetings are canceled if the sky is cloudy, and during exams, holiday breaks, and J-term. Everyone is welcome! For more information, visit the Facebook page or email