Physics Honors

The physics faculty recognizes high achievement by students through awarding departmental honors. Students receiving this distinction will have an excellent record of course work and significant experience. Please note that departmental honors are separate from university honors, and students do not have to be in the University Honors Program to be eligible for departmental honors.

Students must have senior standing before registering for honors credit, and the application is usually done late in the junior year. Students may apply during the senior year, but must do so at least one semester before graduation. The minimum grade point average for all courses taken for the bachelor's degree will be 3.20. Evidence that the student is able to carry out a scientific investigation requires completion of a research project that exhibits originality and has significant physics content. While working in the project, the student must have senior standing and register for at least four credit hours of PHY 480, Departmental Honors.

For full details see our Chief Departmental Advisor, Dr. Steve Alexander.