Interested in Working With Us?

For Potential Graduate Students

Is the lab accepting new graduate students for the 2015-2016 academic year?

Yes, we are actively looking to accept a new graduate student to our lab.

Is it necessary to contact Dr. Amy Summerville directly before submitting an application?

No, but she is happy to talk about whether your interests would be a good fit with the lab.

Can I contact your graduate students with any questions?

Yes, please feel free to contact any of the graduate students in the lab.

For Potential Undergraduate Students

We are always interested in helping undergraduate students get involved in research. If you are interested in decision-making, counterfactual thinking, and/or regret, please submit an application for a research assistant (RA) position. If you would like to request an application or if you have any specific questions, please contact the graduate student in charge of the lab, Ryan Walker (