BCD Graduate Curriculum

BCD Core Courses (Year 1 and 2)

PSY 574 | Advanced Cognitive Processes

PSY 533 | Advanced Developmental

PSY 551 | Cognitive Neuroscience

PSY 556 | Advanced Biological Bases of Behavior

Statistics and Research Design (Year 1)

PSY 601 | Statistics and Methods I

PSY 602 | Statistics and Methods II

Proseminar (Year 1)

PSY 603 | Proseminar

PSY 604 | Proseminar

BCD Advanced Seminars

Choose two 620/720 seminars

PSY 710 | Research Topics in Brain, Cognitive, and Developmental Psychology

Students participate in the BCD Research Topics course (“Brownbag”) every semester until completion of the comprehensive exams. The course encourages close interaction between BCD faculty and students through presentation of original research.

Additional Required Courses

PSY 685 | Teaching Practicum

Advanced Stats course

Out of Area PSY course (Clinical or Social)

Research Hours (every Fall, Spring, and Summer)

Students are encouraged to take additional relevant coursework where appropriate after their second year (e.g., Advanced Seminars in their field, Teaching Certificate courses, etc.).