Medical Sociology Minor

Ready to Declare a Med Soc Minor?

If you have questions or are ready to declare a minor in Medical Sociology, please contact our advisor, Dr. Othello Harris at

Beginning in 2015, the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) added a focus on the "behavioral and socio-cultural determinants of health."  The Medical Sociology minor can strengthen medical school applicants' understanding of these crucial subjects and help their application materials stand out.  Harvard Medical School, for example, looks for students who "demonstrate aptitude in the biological and physical sciences during their undergraduate years, but not to the exclusion of the humanities and social sciences.  

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, "the revised MCAT exam will include a new section, "Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior," that will test students' understanding of how these disciplines influence behavior and behavior change; cultural and social differences that affect well-being.  A second new section, "Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills," will test students' reasoning ability by asking them to analyze and evaluate passages from social science and humanities disciplines, including ethics and philosophy, cross-cultural studies, and population health."  These are the topics covered in the classes comprising the Medical Sociology minor. 


The minor consists of three required courses and additional hours to be chosen from a set of electives for a total of at least 18 hours. A grade point average of 2.50 must be maintained for all courses in the minor.

Please declare this minor before or during your junior year. You may pursue only one pre-professional sociology minor. All courses for the minor (excluding field work) must be taken for a grade. 

Required (all of the following)
  • SOC 151 Social Relations OR SOC 153 Sociology in a Global Context
  • SOC 357 Medical Sociology
  • SOC 372 Social Stratification
Remaining hours (at least 9 additional hours) from the following with at least 3 hours from SOC courses
  • SOC 201 Social Problems
  • SOC 202 Social Deviance
  • SOC 221 Sexualities
  • SOC 257 Population
  • SOC 272 Introduction to Disability Studies
  • SOC 278 Women and (Dis)Ability
  • SOC 318 Social Forces and Aging
  • SOC 358 The Sociology of Mental Disorders
  • SOC 435 Death Studies
  • SOC 440 Field Experience/Internship (placement must be relevant to medical sociology)
  • GTY 456 Aging and Health
  • KNH 362 Health Promotion Foundation
  • PHL 375 Medical Ethics