Costa Rica Medical Immersion

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Medical Students in Nicaragua

Integrating Spanish and Health takes place in Atenas, Costa Rica for 11 days during which students live with host families, learn about the health care system in Costa Rica, work with the elderly, and observe the lifestyles of one of the world’s healthiest and longest-lived communities, known as a Blue Zone. 

Throughout the time abroad, students will attend lectures about health care, healthy lifestyles, natural remedies, and nutrition in addition to attending class.  Students will also participate in service-learning activities and interact with the elderly to learn their secrets of longevity.  Students will participate in several excursions as part of the course which may include visits to public or/and private hospitals, clinics, and private medical practices as well as visits to natural areas and historic sites.  Through the volunteer work and trips, students will have unique opportunities to gain hands-on experience and learn first-hand about the host country’s culture, history and geography.   These experiences will also afford the students many opportunities to enhance their Spanish language proficiency as they interact with community members and tour guides. 

Nursing Student in NicaraguaIn a three-week period, students will complete 3 credit hours towards the Global Perspectives requirement and the Spanish major/minor or the CAS foreign language requirement.  For both courses, students will complete online assignments and conversations prior to and after the hands-on work and class time in Costa Rica. Students can only register for ONE of the courses offered.

Who can go? Any students interested in the healthcare field will benefit greatly from this class and experience!

Classes offered? 

SPN 203 (Spanish for Health Care).  Prerequisite:  SPN 201 or language placement exam score for SPN 202, 203 or 211.  SPN 203 fulfills the CAS language requirement and 3 credit hours towards the Global Perspective Requirement.  This class can be taken instead of SPN 202.

SPN 341 (Advanced Conversation Spanish).  Prerequisite:  SPN 311 or placement score of 311 or above. SPN 341 counts as an elective course for the Spanish major and minor and provides students with 3 credit hours toward their Global Perspectives requirement for the College of Arts and Sciences.

  Students who received a placement exam score for SPN 202 or 203 or above or have completed SPN 202/203 or above.

All Classes take place online prior to and after the travel and face-to-face while we are in Nicaragua


Hear what students have to say about the program:


Contact Nohelia Rojas-Miesse for SPN 341 or Non-credit.  

Contact Julie Szucs for SPN 203.