Stats and Stories


The Right to Be Left Alone | Stats + Stories Episode 205

Release Date: 10/21/2021

Guest: Christoph Kurz

With the ubiquity of technology in our lives have come concerns over privacy, security, and surveillance. These are particularly potent in relation to what's come to be called Big Data. Navigating the complicated terrain is a constant conversation in some sectors of the tech industry, as well as academia. And it's the focus of this episode of Stats and Stories with Christoph Kurz.


Wealth Inequality Escalation | Stats + Stories Episode 204

Release Date: 10/14/2021

Guests: Joseph Gastwirth

The issue of income inequality is one Americans continually wrestle with the COVID 19 pandemic bringing to light how housing, health, and general wellbeing are impacted by the unequal distribution of wealth. Income inequality in the United States is the focus of this episode of Stats and Stories with guest Joseph Gastwirth.

Lelys Bravo and Julia Stewart Lowndes

The Ocean Health Index | Stats + Stories Episode 203

Release Date: 10/7/2021

Guest: Lelys Bravo and Julia Stewart Lowndes

The health of the world's oceans is a growing concern but measuring ocean health is a complicated undertaking. Some people studying the issue focus on pollution, while others look at the health of corals or marine mammals. One project attempts to take a comprehensive picture of the health of oceans in order to provide information about Oceanic vital signs to stakeholders. The Ocean Health Index is the focus of this episode of Stats+Stories with guests Lelys Bravo and Julia Stewart Lowndes.

Robert Mastrodomenico

The Sports Statistic of the Year | Stats + Stories Episode 202

Release Date: 9/30/2021

Guest: Robert Mastrodomenico

The COVID pandemic put many Sports on hold during 2020, but with the industry roaring back with the 2021 Summer Olympics as well as World Cup qualifier matches sports, and sports statistics, are back. Which is the perfect timing for the unveiling of the Royal Statistical Society's 2021 Sports Statistic of the Year.


Making Newsrooms More Data Friendly | Stats + Stories Episode 201 (from the RSS 2021 Conference)

Release Date: 9/23/2021

Guest: Irineo Cabreros

Newsrooms all over the world are embracing data journalism – looking for unique and thoughtful ways to use data to tell stories about their communities. But is every newsroom handling data as carefully as it should be? What safeguards are in place ensure journalists are using data in ethical ways? That’s the focus of this episode of Stats and Stories with guest Irineo Cabreros.