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The Asian/Asian American Studies Program (AAA) provides our students an excellent opportunity to study both Asia and Asian America with global-local perspectives. Through an interdisciplinary curriculum involving both humanities and social sciences, AAA promotes critical approaches to the study of the political, socio-cultural, historical, ethno-linguistic, artistic, and religious practices by Asian nations and Asian American communities in the United States and in the diaspora. By offering opportunities such as a dynamic Course of Study, Thematic Sequences, Global Miami Plan Foundation courses, Study Abroad Workshops, as well as Sponsored Lectures, AAA is committed to preparing our students with the necessary knowledge and experiences to be successful global citizens in an increasingly interdependent and interconnected world.

It is only through the generosity of donors to the AAA Program that we can continue to expand opportunities for our students to learn about and experience Asia and Asian America. Please consider how valuable a resource the AAA Program is to Miami University students and help us continue these efforts with a gift.

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