Note: The Asian/Asian American minor has been discontinued, effective for students matriculating in Fall 2019 or later. Asian/Asian American courses (Miami University General Bulletin) can still be applied to a number of majors within the Department of Global and Intercultural Studies.

What Can an AAA Minor Do for Me?

  • provide a deep understanding of cultural values and traditions through a comparative lens of Asia and America
  • enhance your intercultural knowledge in global contexts, a crucial competence for 21st-century college graduates
  • improve your analytical and writing skills, making you a stronger and better-prepared candidate for the global job market
  • cultivate research excellence and build a broad knowledge base for graduate study and other professional fields
  • provide opportunities to engage with Asian and Asian American communities for active citizenship


Interested in learning about the dynamic histories and traditions linking Asia and America?

Wondering how such knowledge can help you better understand the role of the United States in the age of globalization?

If so, the Asian/Asian American minor is for you. The Asian/Asian American minor offers courses focusing on, e.g., history, culture, rhetoric, gender, race, and class about Asia and Asian America and it cultivates intercultural competence and communication skills demanded of 21st-century college-educated graduates.

The Asian/Asian American minor is a flexible 18-hour course of study with a range of options. Students take two required courses and two core courses. Two additional courses can be chosen from a wide range of electives.

One (1) Introductory Course

This foundation course focuses on the rich geo-political, cultural, and historical terrain of Asia and Asian America.

  • AAA 201 - Introduction to Asian/Asian American Studies (3 hours)

Two (2) of the Following Courses

  • AAA/EDT 202 - Global Childhood Education
  • AAA/REL 203 - Global Religions of India
  • EDT 205 - Race, Cultural Diversity, and Equity in Education
  • AAA 207 - Asia and Globalization
  • AAA/PSY 210 - Psychology Across Cultures
  • AAA/LAS/BWS/WGS 211 - Writing with Purpose
  • JPN 231 - Japanese Tales of the Supernatural in English Translation
  • AAA/ENG 248 - Asian American Literature
  • AAA/FST/ENG 249 - Asian and Asian American Cinema
  • AAA/ENG 269 - Colonial and Postcolonial Literature

Three (3) of the Following Courses

  • GEO 308 - Geography of East Asia
  • AAA/EDL 334 - Transnational Youth Cultures
  • AMS/ENG 348- Ethnic American Literatures
  • AAA/ENG/BWS 351 - Gender and Sexuality in Asian/America
  • GEO 408/508 - Geography of the Silk Road
  • AAA 410/ENG 409 - Topics in Asian/Asian American Studies
  • WGS/BWS/ENG 432 - Feminism and the Diaspora: U.S. Women of Color