Student Spotlight

Read what AAA students have had to say about life as a Miami student, the value of a liberal arts education, their study abroad experiences and internships, and more.

Kate Hanley

(Class of 2018)

photo of Kate Hanley"At Miami I like that there are so many opportunities. You can join all kinds of clubs and take any classes you want. We may not have the most diverse student body, but there are pockets throughout the community. There are also a lot of organizations, great lectures in different departments, and all kinds of things that I never would have thought about participating in while in high school!."

Read what Kate had to say about her involvement in campus organizations and her study abroad trip to China.

Angela Day

(Class of 2018)

photo of Angela Day"The environment of Miami's campus meshed well with what I was looking for in a university. As a 'Public Ivy', Miami offered a wide range of studies to choose from, and because I'm someone who's always been interested in too many things to narrow down, this was perfect for me!"

Read what Angela had to say about her academic and extracurricular activities.