The Program in American Studies at Miami University is an interdisciplinary program devoted to the critical analysis of the many cultures that come together in the United States. Bringing together faculty from a range of disciplines, the program fosters interdisciplinary research and dialogue.

The curriculum examines the diversity of American culture while also exploring how shared public cultures and collective histories and identities are forged within this diversity. We seek to provide students with scholarly opportunities to explore how they are shaped by American culture, as well as how they can shape that culture.

Our goal is to inspire informed, engaged, and socially responsible individuals and citizens by offering opportunities for collaborative and interactive learning that bring together students, faculty, and local communities. Through internships, community partnerships, and experiential learning, the program encourages civic engagement, public service, and social stewardship.

We are committed to offering teaching and scholarship of the highest quality, which explores the ongoing dialogue about America as a nation and an ideal. The American Studies Program achieves these goals by offering a major and a minor and by providing Miami Plan Foundation courses to students in all disciplines.