The following courses satisfy requirements for the American Studies major and minor. This list of courses is meant to be informative. On a semester-to-semester basis additional course offerings will be made available during pre-registration each semester.

Note: MPC = Miami Plan Capstone; MPF = Miami Plan Foundation; MPT = Miami Plan Thematic Sequence.

Core Courses

Students must take all of the following core courses. Students must achieve an average GPA of 2.0 in all 5 AMS core courses to successfully graduate with a major in American Studies.

AMS 205 - Introduction to American Cultures (3) MPF

Explores what it means to be "American." As an introduction to the interdisciplinary study of American cultures and identities, past and present, it examines key ideas, events, texts, images, objects, places, and other reflections of American cultures and identities. Students will consider how the meaning and significance of American and American identity has been defined, discussed and debated from multiple perspectives.
IIB, Cul, H. CAS-B.

AMS 206 - Approaches to American Culture (3)

Examines a specific topic or case study, e.g., a form of cultural expression, a place, an historical moment, a social movement, an identity group. Emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary skills, teaching students to analyze and inter-relate different kinds of texts to explore the idea of culture.
Prerequisite: AMS 205.

AMS 207 - America: A Global Perspective (3) MPF

Explores the local dimensions of globalization by focusing on how global networks and practices affect life and culture in the United States. Students examine the theoretical and practical questions associated with membership in local communities, in the US as a nation-state, and in the global community at large.

AMS 301 - American Identities (3)

Focusing on a specific theme, topic or issue, the course explores social and cultural identity, intercultural exchange, and public culture in the United States. The course connects theory and practice through collaborative and interactive research and learning in American Studies. Approaches include service learning, field research, experiential learning, or applied research.
Prerequisite: AMS 205.

AMS 302 - Immigrant America (3)

Examination of American culture, identity, politics, and history in the context of growing global interconnectedness. Course themes and issue vary, but topics could include: transnationalism, diaspora, immigration/emigration, and other related issues of identity and belonging.
Recommended Prerequisite: AMS 205.

AMS 401 - Senior Capstone in American Studies (4) MPC

A colloquium in which students undertake and complete a research or creative project in an area of American cultural studies. Emphasis is on the collaborative selection and design of issues for discussion as well as on sharing the process of project development. Required for American studies majors and minors.
Prerequisite: AMS 205, 9 additional hours of American studies-related course work, or permission of instructor.

Additional American Studies Courses

These courses may be used to fulfill requirements for related areas of concentration with approval of advisor.

AMS 105 - American Studies Film Series (1)

This 1-credit hour sprint course examines selected films addressing a particular theme or issue in American culture. Themes and films vary from semester to semester.

AMS 303 - Consumer Culture (3)

This course examines the messages, meanings, practices, and products of consumer culture in the United States. It explores consumption from an interdisciplinary perspective integrating literature, politics, visual imagery, multimedia, and technology that frame the business of buying and selling of goods. Course themes will focus on the analysis and interpretation of the American practices of consumerism with an emphasis on issues of commodification, globalization, transnationalism and issues of identity.

AMS 305 - American Icons (3)

This course examines the images, objects, landscapes and symbols of identification, which represent the United States and are associated with the idea of America both at home and in the global world. Through a critical examination of the creation, dissemination, and legacies of American Icons, this course explores the variety of meanings that these figures and symbols have come to represent.

AMS 310 - Special Topics in American Studies (1-4)

Topical offerings in American Studies on themes such as popular culture, material culture, ethnicity, or periods in American life such as the 1950s. May be taken for credit more than once with different content and permission of instructor.
Prerequisite: AMS 205 or permission of the instructor.

AMS 405 - American Studies Workshop (1-4)

Practice, reflection, and presentation of student driven research and engagement in American Studies.
Prerequisite: permission of the instructor.

Courses Cross Listed with American Studies

Courses Cross Listed with American Studies
Course Title Hours
ART 183 Images of America 3
ENG 246 Native American Literature 3
ENG 247 Appalachian Literature 3
ENG 248 Asian American Literature 3
ENG 271 Cultures and Literature of the American South 3
ENG 348 Ethnic American Literatures 3
ENG 390 Studies in American Regionalism 3-6
HST 213 Appalachia: Cultures and Music 3
HST 214 History of Miami University 3
HST 216 Introduction to Public History 3
HST 304 History, Memory, Tradition 3
HST 362 The Era of the American Revolution 3
HST 363 The Early American Republic, 1783-1815 3
HST 367 The United States in the 1960s 3
HST 371 Native American History to 1840 3
HST 372 Native American History Since 1840 3
HST 379 U.S. Consumerism, 1890-Present 3
HST 382 Women in American History 3
HST 392 Sex and Gender in American Culture 3
HST 396 The American South Since 1877 3
HST 397 American Environmental History 3
HST 433 Oral Tradition: History and Practice 3
HST 435 Public History Practicum 3
ITL 222 Italian American Culture 3
MUS 135 Understanding Jazz, Its History and Context 3
MUS 285 Introduction to African American Music 3
MUS 385 The Roots of Black Music: Blues, Gospel, and Soul 3
MUS 386 The History and Development of Hip Hop Culture in America 3
MUS 461 American Music 3
REL 111 Religion and Popular Culture 3
REL 241 Religions of the American Peoples 3
REL 242 Religious Pluralism in Modern America 4
REL 341 Protestantism and the Development of American Culture 3
REL 442 Religion, Society, and Culture in New England 4
REL 445 Issues in the Study of Native American Religions 4

Related Courses

Because American Studies is an interdisciplinary field that draws on a wide range of disciplines, students are encouraged to take courses from the following MPF courses to prepare for the major. Note students may only count 6 hours at the 100 level for their selected area of concentration in the American Studies major.

It is expected that students who declare a major in American Studies have a general background in United States history, American literature, and American political systems.

ENG 141, 142, and 143, HST 111 and 112, and POL 241 are strongly recommended.

Related Courses
Course Title Hours
ART 183 Images of America 3
ATH 185 Cultural Diversity in the U.S. 3
BWS 151 Introduction to Black World Studies 4
COM/FST 206 Diversity and Culture in American Film 3
COM 281 Mediated Sexualities:
Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgendered Persons and the Electronic Media
DST 247 Rhetoric of Disability Rights 3
ECO 131 Economic Perspectives on Inequality in America 3
EDP 209 Development, Learning & Diversity 3
EDP 272 Introduction to Disability Studies 3
ENG 162 Literature and Identity 3
ENG 169 Disability Identity 3
ENG 202 Varieties of English: Dialect Diversity and Language Change 3
ENG 246 Native American Literature 3
ENG 247 Appalachian Literature 3
ENG 248 Asian American Literature 3
ENG 254 Latino/a Literature and the Americas 3
ENG 271 Cultures and Literature of the American South 3
GEO 201Geography of Urban Diversity3
GER 151 The German-American Experience 3
HST 111/112 Survey of American History 3, 3
HST/LAS 260 Latin America in the United States 3
ITL/AMS 222 Italian American Culture 3
MUS 135 Understanding Jazz, Its History and Context 3
POL 142 American Politics and Diversity 4
POL 159 U.S. Identity Politics 3
PSY 210 Psychology Across Cultures 3
SOC 141 Multiculturalism in the U.S. 3
SOC 152 Social Relations and U.S. Cultures 4
SPA 211 Deaf Culture and Community 3
WGS 201 Introduction to Women's Studies 3