Student Spotlight

Current and former BWS students describe how they came to choose Miami, life as a Miami student, the value of a liberal arts education, their study abroad experiences and internships, and more.

Lauren Poythress

(Class of 2020)

photo of Lauren Poythress"I originally planned to keep Black World Studies as my minor because I felt as a pre-law student I needed to get into political science. After talking to Dr. [Rodney] Coates, to Maria [Vitullo], and to my parents, I realized that I didn't need to be a poli-sci major to get into law school. I think poli-sci is great, but I felt so passionate about Black World Studies that I knew I needed it to be my major along with psychology."

See what Lauren had to say about her extracurricular activities and efforts promoting diversity.

Sydney Johnson

(Class of 2014)

photo of Sydney Johnson"Black World Studies—studying the black world—definitely solidified for me that I'd made the right choice in coming to Miami."

Read what Sydney had to say about her Black World Studies major and her internship in Washington, DC.

Rashay Davis

(Class of 2014)

photo of Rashay Davis"Outside of my academic experiences, I have been a part of numerous organizations … I have made life-long friends and gained tons of leadership experience."

Read what Rashay had to say about her extra-curricular activities at Miami and her future plans.

Na'eem Outler

(Class of 2011)

photo of Na'eem Outler"In my first BWS class, I met the director of Black World Studies and he helped me through my major as well as in many other ways, including an independent study course during my senior year."

Read what Na'eem had to say about his experiences as a transfer student to Miami.

Francesca Witcher

(Class of 2010)

photo of Francesca Witcher"The experience I had as a Black World Studies major plays an integral role in the job that I have today … BWS gave me access to many great professors of color, which played a huge role in my professional and personal development."

Read what Francesca had to say about how the BWS program at Miami prepared her for the future.

Dave Greber

(Class of 2003)

photo of Dave Greber"Black World Studies planted a seed that continues to grow in soil I never even knew existed—or cared to understand. It challenges in ways only truth can."

Read what Dave had to say about how BWS changed and shaped his life.

Sheryl Long

(Class of 2009)

photo of Sheryl Long"Miami's Black World Studies curriculum taught me to communicate from a place of sincere understanding and exposure to many cultures and experiences."

Read what Sheryl had to say about how the communication skills she developed as BWS major helped her professionally.