"Climate Commitment": Signing of Second Nature's PCLC

September 22; 12 pm

President Greg Crawford will sign the Presidents' Climate Leadership Commitments (PCLC) Climate Commitment, the most comprehensive of the PCLC, in a virtual signing ceremony. Join President Crawford, members of Miami's new Climate Action Task Force executive steering committee, the office of sustainability, the City of Oxford's Mayor, Mike Smith, and Second Nature's president Tim Carter …

National Park Talks Series: Mt. Rainier

September 23; 4:45 - 6:15 pm

Dr. Tammie L. Gerke, associate teaching professor in geology at Miami University, will share the geology and other interesting information about each national park. Get your questions answered and participate in a lively discussion on these national treasures …

"Gardening Tips: Producing a Grocery in your Backyard"

October 14; 12 - 1:30 pm

The first part of this Conservatory's Learn it at Lunch Series will focus on food rescue — the act of leveraging food that would otherwise be thrown away to feed those in-need. You'll hear from a group of high school students that are bringing food rescue to southwest Ohio to provide every food group to the food insecure. The program concludes with the benefits of fresh, locally grown produce vs. grocery produce, some that may not be as widely known or considered by consumers when shopping …