About International Studies

Junior Hannah Stein enjoys some time with local children in Myanmar.

Miami has one of the nation's oldest majors in International Studies (ITS). ITS is a program in the Department of Global and Intercultural Studies and offers a interdisciplinary major drawing from concepts and courses in:

  • anthropology
  • geography
  • history
  • economics and international business
  • political science
  • language studies
  • area studies

The distinctive nature of our program is based on:

  • the rigorous language requirement (3-4 years)
  • integrative nature of the coursework

ITS is at its heart an interdisciplinary approach to studying the world. We believe that most global problems and issues are too complex to be understood through a single disciplinary perspective. Students therefore take a series of courses from many academic departments. They learn about the world through a multiplicity of lenses. All of our students study abroad as a necessary means of learning how to operate effectively in a different cultural context.

Our Goal

"We strive to give students a solid liberal arts background in conjunction with an international emphasis and foreign language skills."