Assistant professor, Dr. Tani Sebro (GIC), along with Ms. Jordan Hallbauer (ITS) providing school supplies and clothing donations to the Koung Jor refugee camp, an unofficial refugee camp along the Thai-Myanmar border. Ms. Hallbauer won the 2017 Undergraduate Summer Scholar fellowship to accompany Dr. Sebro to Thailand to do research.
Depicted from left to right: Mr. Lung Sai Leng, Ms. Jordan Hallbauer, Ms. Jing Lungkham, and Dr. Tani Sebro.

International Studies (ITS) at Miami University is a multidisciplinary major through which students can incorporate an international dimension and a foreign area of interest into their undergraduate education. The program in International Studies consists of 4 interrelated components:

  • a series of core courses covering international politics, economics and business, geography, anthropology, and diplomatic history
  • individually selected foreign areas of emphasis ('concentrations') in which students take a minimum of 12 hours in at least 3 different disciplines or fields
  • proficiency in a modern foreign language which provides important communication skills as well as additional depth in the chosen regional area of emphasis
  • at least 1 semester of study abroad