Middle East Concentration Requirement


Middle East is a regional concentration that meets the concentration requirement for the ITS major.

Take 12 semester hours, representing at least 3 different disciplines, from the following courses.

Courses for Middle East Concentration
Course Title Hours
ARB 230 Topics in Arabic Literature in Translation 3
ATH 307 The Middle East: Anthropological Perspectives 3
HST 241 Introduction to Islamic History 3
HST 242 The History of the Modern Middle East 3
HST 400 Senior Capstone in Middle East and Islamic History 3
POL 336 Politics of the Middle East 3
POL 339 Nationalism, Islam, and Democracy in Arab Politics 3
REL 226 Introduction to Islam 3
REL 286 Global Jewish Civilization 3
REL 312 Religions of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible 3
REL 314 Social and Religious History of the Jewish People 3
REL 376 Global Militant Islamisms 3