2011 Student Spotlight

Alyssa Di Cara

(Class of 2013)

photo of Alyssa Di Cara"I am very happy to be an ITS major because it enabled me to take classes from many departments. The core requirements are composed of classes in international studies, geography, history, political science, anthropology, and economics … These classes challenged me to think about the international system from different perspectives."

Read what Alyssa had to say about the International Studies Program and faculty at Miami.

Paul Pass

(Class of 2005)

photo of Paul Pass"After graduating from Miami, I received a master's degree in European affairs from Indiana University and worked in education outreach, the Delegation of the European Union to the USA, and the U.S. House of Representatives."

Read what Paul had to say about his post-graduation international experiences.

Lauren Stone

(Class of 2012)

photo of Lauren Stone"Before I applied to Miami, I had no doubt that majoring in International Studies would be a perfect major for me. I traveled around the world with my family from a young age and my early exposure to societies outside the United States, along with my interest in politics and history, greatly influenced my decision to major in International Studies."

Read what Lauren had to say about her study abroad experiences in Jordan and Scotland.

Sam Kay

(Class of 2012)

photo of Sam Kay"ITS is anthropology, economics, geography, history and political science. My experience has shown that ITS is greater than the sum of its parts … ITS majors are given the tools to understand the interconnected and interdisciplinary nature of our world."

Read what Sam had to say about his study abroad experiences in China and India.

Ashley Miller

(Class of 2012)

photo of Ashley Miller"Being an ITS major has done for me exactly what I believe college should do for any young person: it opened my mind to new ideas and new ways of thinking; it taught me how to write effectively and efficiently; and it gave me the opportunity to learn from some of the most esteemed professionals in their fields, professors I have come to respect and cherish."

Read what Ashley had to say about her summer internships, study abroad in Austria, and undergraduate research.

Sun-Young Park

(Class of 2012)

photo of Sun-Young Park"The International Studies major provided me opportunities to meet good friends who I can keep in touch with for a long period of time and really helped me to increase my knowledge … I appreciate what International Studies brought me and helped me to choose my direction of the future. I am looking forward to using these skills and knowledge in my career path."

Read what Sun-Young had to say about her undergraduate research and leadership experiences at Miami.