Sun-Young Park (Class of 2012)

  • enlarged photo of Sun-Young Parksenior double major in International Studies (International Development concentration) and Geography (Japan concentration)
  • President of Korean and American Student Association
  • President of AIESEC

While I was doing research, the most memorable thing was that I built a good relationship with my mentor professors.

Foreign Language and Study Abroad Requirements

""The International Studies major requires students to be able to speak at least one foreign language and one semester of abroad experience. Therefore, I learned Japanese and am currently learning Spanish.

"I also went to Japan for a year, which really helped me to broaden my horizon of the world and also to understand the country. Actually, living in the country gives more understanding and different perspectives than what I used to have. Through interacting with the people, traveling around the local places rather than tourist sites, and watching and hearing local news are how I learned about Japan. I did not go through Miami's study abroad program, but Miami accepted all the credits that I took in Japan. The reason I chose to be alone in Japan was that I wanted to be able to learn Japanese instead of hanging out with people who I know from Miami. While I was in Japan, it was a great opportunity to make different types of friends and I also worked a part time job, which helped my Japanese skills a lot."

Undergraduate Research

"From the International Studies major, I researched some topics, too. I participated in the Undergraduate Summer Scholar Research program and the Undergraduate Research Program. My topics were HIV/AIDS in South Africa and Uganda, and North Korea's relationship with the United States.

"The International Studies major really pushes students to broaden her/his horizon by asking students to fulfill some programs, but there are various ways to fulfill requirements. While I was doing research, the most memorable thing was that I built a good relationship with my mentor professors."

Leadership Opportunities

"I also had to look out for different possible experiences, so I was able to participate in Scholar Leader programs. I used my international knowledge and enthusiasm in student organizations, too. I was the president of the Korean and American Student Association and president of AIESEC (international student organization that promotes exchange programs). Both organizations motivated me to take a leadership role internationally and to push myself to go beyond my boundaries. From those student organizations, I experienced national and international conferences that professionally organized and built large international networks.

"The International Studies major provided me opportunities to meet good friends who I can keep in touch with for a long period of time and really helped me to increase my knowledge. It pushed me well enough that I went beyond my boundaries and experienced the bigger world. I appreciate what International Studies brought me and helped me to choose my direction of the future. I am looking forward to using these skills and knowledge in my career path."

[October 2011]