2017 Student Spotlight

Molly Wright

(Class of 2019)

photo of Molly Wright"What I like most about my international studies major is how many areas it covers. I get to learn about history, anthropology, global politics, economics, and more, and I don't have to focus on one specific area. And the fact that my studying a language as well fills a requirement for my major is so beneficial."

See what Molly had to say about Miami, the liberal arts, and her study abroad in France.

Megan Zimmerer

(Class of 2018)

photo of Megan Zimmerer"International studies encompasses political science, history, anthropology, philosophy, and much more. It acknowledges the importance of considering all kinds of components when considering policy and conflict. What are the social, economic, political, and religious implications of decision-making? You really need a solid grip on these facets in order to understand the whole picture, and that's one of the strengths provided by the major."

See what Megan had to say about her 10-week study abroad in Jordan and her work with the United Nations in New York City.

Emily Tatum

(Class of 2019)

photo of Emily Tatum"I've had a number of great Miami professors who have challenged me and given me continued support and guidance…First is Dr. Charles Stevens, a senior lecturer in international studies, who I had during my first semester at Miami…Dr. Stevens has continuously challenged me and pushed me every step of the way, always expecting my best as I keep learning."

Read what Emily had to say about her study abroad experiences in Wales, Cuba, and Ecuador.

Allie Shea

(Class of 2017)

photo of Allie Shea"My faculty advisor for international studies is Melanie Ziegler, a senior lecturer in the Department of Global and Intercultural Studies. She told me about her study abroad trip, Cuba in Transition, which I went on in January 2016 and was able to use my Spanish."

Read what Allie had to say about her study abroad experiences and her Washington, DC internships.