Support Jewish Studies

The Jewish Studies is an interdisciplinary minor open to all Miami students. The minor offers students a variety of critical approaches to Jewish history, religion, thought, and culture from Ancient times to the present. Jewish Studies is a flexible minor that encourages students to pursue their particular interests across a wide range of disciplines and periods. In addition to classes offered in a wide variety of departments, we sponsor speakers and events that enrich the education of our students.

It is only through the wonderful generosity of donors to the Jewish Studies Program that this is at all possible. Please take a few minutes and consider how valuable a resource this is to our students and help us continue these efforts with a gift.

There are several ways you can help us.

Unrestricted Gifts

These gifts allow us to apply your gift to the area of greatest need.

Designated Gifts

  • Sponsor symposia or a speakers fund for topics related to any aspect of Jewish history or culture
  • Grants to offset travel expenses for students to visit museums in the United States or to study in Israel
  • Scholarships in Jewish Studies to recruit the very best students to attend Miami and to reward excellence at Miami
  • Create a classroom enrichment fund to support the purchase of films

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