Note: The Jewish Studies minor has been discontinued, effective for students matriculating in Fall 2019 or later. Students interested in this area should consider the Middle East, Jewish, and Islamic Studies minor (Miami University General Bulletin).

All students must complete 18 semester hours from the Jewish Studies courses listed below, or other suitable courses with the approval of the JST coordinator.

Accredited international programs may be applicable.

Culture, History, and Society
Course Title Hours
FRE/FST/GER 265 European Jewish Cinema 3
GER 252 The German-Jewish Experience 3
ATH 307 Anthropological Perspectives: The Middle East 3
HST 346 Medieval Jewish History 3
Course Title Hours
GER 232 The Holocaust in German Literature, History, and Film 3
HST 472 Germany 1918-1945, from Revolution to Rubble 3
Course Title Hours
HBW 201 Intermediate Modern Hebrew 3
HBW 202 Intermediate Modern Hebrew 3
Course Title Hours
GER 232 The Holocaust in German Literature, History, and Film 3
RUS 257/ ENG 257 Russian Literature in English Translation: From. Pasternak to the Present 3
ENG/FRE/GER 356 Contemporary Jewish Fiction in Europe 3
Religion and Thought
Course Title Hours
REL/AMS 241 Religions of the American Peoples* 3
REL 275 Critical Study of Biblical Literature 3
REL 286 Global Jewish Civilization 3
REL 312 Religions of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible 3
REL 314 Social and Religious History of the Jewish People 3
REL 334 Women's Religious Experiences in the Ancient Mediterranean World 3
REL 335/WGS 335 Women in the Bible 3
REL 355 Religion and Law* 3
REL 385 Religious Roots of Anti-Semitism 3
REL 475 Judaism in Modern Israel 4

* when Judaism included