Miami Plan Thematic Sequence

A man sits on a colorful Costa Rican cart.

Completion of a minor in Latin American Studies satisfies the Miami Plan Thematic Sequence requirement. Latin American Studies minors do not need a Thematic Sequence.

Students who are not LAS minors or majors may complete a Thematic Sequence by taking 9 semester hours outside of the department of their declared major.

LAS Thematic Sequence:
Cultures and Histories of Latinos in the United States

This Thematic Sequence gives students a broad understanding of the diverse histories and cultures of Latina/o populations living in the United States and emphasizes how Latina/o cultural politics in the United States are shaped in relation to both cultural formations within Latin American and racial/ethnic dynamics within the United States.. Courses are recommended to be taken in the order listed below; however, the courses may be taken in any order as long as 9 or more semester hours are completed.

Courses for Cultures and Histories of Latinos in the United States Thematic Sequence
Course Title Hours
LAS 208 Introduction to Latin America 3 *
Latino/a Literature and the Americas

Latin America in the United States
3 *
LAS 315 Latin American Diaspora: Communities, Conditions and Issues

* Only one Foundation (MPF) course can count toward both a Foundation requirement and a Thematic Sequence.