The Mallory-Wilson Center can enrich your education by providing opportunities for experiential learning, financial support, and by highlighting healthcare-related curricular opportunities offered by other programs and departments at Miami University.


The Mallory-Wilson Center provides Miami University pre-healthcare students with significant, in-depth, firsthand experience by offering internships known as preceptorships. Students work for one week with a practicing physician, most of whom are Miami alums.


There are several scholarship opportunities available to pre-professional students in healthcare-related fields.

Related Curriculum and Programming

Miami University offers a diverse curriculum that may be of special interest to students pursuing careers in healthcare professions. Beyond the courses that are are part of the programming offered by the Mallory-Wilson Center or are requirements of the Premedical Studies Co-major, several other programs, departments and divisions offer relevant healthcare-related programming.

Within that programming, students can enrich their academic experience by pursuing minors such as Global Health Studies, Medical Humanities, Medical Sociology, Gerontology (including additional tracks in Aging and Health and in Aging and Public Policy), and Ethics, Society and Culture (offered by the department of Philosophy) or explore majors in Public Health, Speech Pathology and Audiology, and Medical Laboratory Science. Even if a student does not want to complete a minor or pursue a different major, there are hidden gems of health-related courses within these programs that demonstrate the richness of healthcare-related courses at Miami University.

Student Pre-health Clubs and Organizations

There is a wide array of student pre-health clubs and organizations in which pre-professional students in healthcare-related fields participate. Among the clubs and organizations are:

  • Miami M.E.D. (Medical Education Development)
  • AMSA (American Medical Student Association)
  • MEDLIFE (Medicine, Education and Development to Low Income Families Everywhere)
  • Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity
  • Delta Epsilon Mu Pre-health Fraternity
  • MAPS (Minority Association for Pre-Med Students)
  • SWIM (Society of Women in Medicine)
  • Global Medical Brigades
  • Pre-Dentistry Club
  • Pre-Optometry Club
  • Pre-Physical/Occupational Therapy Club (Pre-PT/OT)
  • Pre-Physician Assistant Club (Pre-PA)
  • Pre-Veterinary Club
  • Anatomy and Physiology Club
  • Pharmacy Club
  • Medical Journal Club
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