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The Western Program is committed to providing students with an educational experience that will help them to set, meet, and even exceed their academic, professional, and personal goals. Through a diverse array of curricular and co-curricular programs, students in our community develop opportunities to participate in a wide range of pursuits—including study abroad, funded internships, partnerships with local communities, and on-campus research—that both enhance their credentials and expand their perspectives.

The continuing generosity of donors to the Western Program helps to make all this possible. Please take a few minutes and consider how valuable a resource this is to our students and help us continue these efforts with a gift.

There are several ways you can help us.

Unrestricted Gifts

These gifts allow us to apply your gift to the area of greatest need.

Designated Gifts

  • Friends of the Western Community Fund
  • WCP Living/Learning Endowment
  • Rothermel, Tappan, or Windate Centers for peer education in science, computing, or writing
  • Individualized Studies Scholarship (5860-001)
  • scholarships for new Western students, whether domestic or international
  • study abroad opportunities for Western students
  • senior project research expenses
  • lectures by distinguished visitors
  • faculty travel and other research opportunities

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