Senior Projects 2019

Sydni Baker

From Idea to Seed: A Look at My Start-Up's Beginnings

Kristie Cordeiro

Has a General Distrust of the Medical Sector Led to a Vaccination Aversion?

Arcadia Davies

Constructing Paradise: The Social and Environmental Implications of Tourism in the Caribbean

Katie Freeman

How Calvin Klein Models Affect the Average Joe: An Examination of Masculine Media Representations

Alex Hahn

Exploring the Complex Intersection of Modern Professional Video Gaming and Gender: A Report on Gender in Esports

Jamaira Helm

The Effects Community Violence and Trauma Has on A Child's Education

Joe Ketterer

Marketing Ethics: Where the Line is Drawn

Luke Leonard

Urban Sustainable Business Development

Audrey Lipps

Native Hawai'ian and French Polynesian Participation in Organic Agriculture

Liam Mercer

What Effects are Contributing to the Decline of Recreational Bluefish in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean

Ziyi Miao

Chinese Food: The Most Needed Way of Development, Catering Cultural Exchanges

Phoebe Myers

Challenging Dominant Narratives: The Complicating Power of Creative Nonfiction

Ezra Nepo

Unlocking Your Eyeballs and Seeing Film: Building a Foundational Skillset in Critical Thought Via Engaging with the Formal Elements of Cinema

Olive Overmoyer

Pour Planning: How Microbreweries Can Shape Our Communities

Aubrey Raha

Decay of Factor-Based Investing Strategies

Zach Sudnick

Sustainable Business Integration: From Reasoning to Reality

Ben Von Stein

Effects of Common Marketing Tactics

Maddie Welsh

Dance as a Supplemental Learning Tool