To major in Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (WGS), a student must complete 30 semester hours with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in the program, distributed as follows:

  1. Core Courses (2 courses)
  2. Writing Course
  3. Theory Course
  4. Capstone Course
  5. Additional WGS Courses (15 hours)

Core Courses

Students must take both of these courses:

  • WGS 201 - Introduction to Women's Studies (3 hours)
  • WGS 301 - Women and Difference: Intersections of Race, Class, and Sexuality (3 hours)

Writing Course

Students must take:

  • WGS/AAA/AMS/BWS/LAS 211 - Writing with Purpose: Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Communication (3 hours)

Theory Course

Students must take 1 of the following theory courses:

  • WGS/PHL 355 - Feminist Theory (3 hours)
  • ENG/FST/WGS 356 - Women and Gender in Film (3 hours)
  • WGS/ENG/BWS 437 - Black Feminist Theory (3 hours)
  • WGS/ENG 435 - Queer Theory (3 hours)
  • a feminist theory course approved by a WGS advisor

Capstone Course

Either of the following may be used to fulfill the capstone requirement:

  • WGS 401 - The Role of Women in a Transforming Society (3 hours)
  • WGS/ENG/BWS 432 - Feminism and the Diaspora: U.S. Women of Color (3 hours)

Additional WGS Courses

The Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major requires at least 15 additional semester hours of WGS or WGS crosslisted courses. A maximum of 6 semester hours, taken in an approved internship, community action, or service learning experience, may be substituted for course work. A course cannot count both as a core course and toward one's additional 15 hours.

To receive program honors, a major must complete WGS 470 (3 credit hours), register for one additional credit of WGS 470 which entails the completion of an engaged learning project, and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 in the major. Students must register their intent to pursue departmental honors and file a proposal for their honors project in the WGS program office, 126 MacMillan.

For information, contact the Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program Office, 126 MacMillan Hall (513-529-6827).