WGS Spotlight

Students talk about Miami and the WGS Program.

Alexandra Apicella

(Class of 2019)

photo of Alexandra ApicellaOn the faculty side, three people come immediately to mind: professor Rodney Coates in Black World Studies (who has been a great mentor), associate professor Ann Fuehrer in WGS (who recommended my fall study abroad), and professor C. Lee Harrington in Sociology and Social Justice Studies (with whom I worked as a TA). All of them are phenomenal!

See what Alexandra had to say about parlaying her previous experiences into a leadership role.

Jessi Wright

(Class of 2019)

photo of Jessi WrightAfter my work on the [His/Her/Hirstory Symposium], I've continued my involvement with Dr. [Ann] Fuehrer as an independent researcher and Undergraduate Associate (UA). I've been working with her on a video interview web series about some of the women that started the National Organization for Women in Oxford and Miami.

See what Jessi had to say about her internship and other experiences while studying abroad in London.

Audrey Lipps

(Class of 2019)

photo of Audrey LippsIn addition to Jacqueline Daugherty, associate professor Ann Fuehrer from the Department of Global & Intercultural Studies helped me with just about everything related to my trip to the Netherlands, including immigration issues and the kinds of challenges we may go through while living and working abroad.

See what Audrey had to say about her ethnographic research experiences in Hawaii.

Tammy Jolene Atha

(Class of 2013)

photo of Tammy Jolene AthaMiami provided me with the opportunity to work side-by-side with my fellow students, professors, and staff to make my Miami experience the best it could have been.

Read what Tammy had to say about Miami's Creative Writing major and the Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program.

Rebecca Lancaster

(Class of 2012)

photo of Rebecca LancasterI began taking [WGS] classes just to 'get a feel' for what women's studies would be like, but I immediately fell in love with the courses and had to take as many as I could.

Read what Rebecca had to say about the WGS Program and her Feminist Summer Camp experience.

Jenna Saponaro

(Class of 2012)

photo of Jenna SaponaroI've learned to think critically and independently, and I've been encouraged and challenged to analyze complex issues and theories and to interpret them in an intelligent and articulate way.

Read what Jenna had to say about the WGS Program and the 2011 Farm Food Crawl.

Dr. Roxanne Ornelas

(Assistant Professor)

photo of Dr. Roxanne OrnelasMy research interests in the geographies of indigenous peoples, environmental justice, and human rights have driven my scholarly work for over a decade … I have enormous gratitude for the wisdom of indigenous elders and others who have shared their spirit and lessons with me over the years.

Read what Dr. Ornelas had to say about her research interests and the Mother Earth Water Walk.

Dr. Theresa Kulbaga

(Associate Professor)

photo of Dr. Theresa KulbagaI feel that these mutually beneficial activities enrich my classroom, the wider community, and ultimately the profession of teaching, as evidenced by my work on humanitarian life narratives and transnational feminisms.

Read what Dr. Kulbaga had to say about her work with YWCA to establish Girls Inc. in Butler County.

Roselyn Banda

(Graduate Student)

photo of Roselyn BandaThe Women's Studies Program should be a must for anyone interested in understanding the strength and capacity that women have in changing the world.

Read what Roselyn had to say about her interests in women's issues around the world.

Dr. Shannon Payne

(Class of 1999)

photo of Shannon PayneAt Miami, my professors challenged me to think and act critically and self-reflectively ... Ten years later, they are still my role models.

Read what Dr. Payne had to say about how the Women's Studies Program impacted her future success.

Sarah Pliske

(Class of 2010)

photo of Sarah PliskeWomen's Studies classes exposed me to unique perspectives and theories that carried over to many of my other classes. I was able to re-evaluate my own location as a woman and a student.

Read what Sarah had to say about Women's Studies classes and the program.

Katie Booher

(Class of 2009)

photo of Katie BooherWMS gives students another way of looking at the world. It exposes them to people and places and situations they may not encounter as a business or accounting major and it forces them to expand their attitudes and shift their perceptions.

Read what Katie had to say about Women's Studies at Miami and graduate studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.