WGS Spotlight

Students, faculty, and alums talk about Miami and the WGS Program.

Shelby Frye

(Class of 2020)

photo of Shelby Frye"My research is on gender language and how it affects the development of gender stereotypes. Some terms have come to be considered gender-neutral, such as 'you guys' to refer to a general group of people or 'policemen' meaning police officers, even as they are not and still evoke stereotypical thinking. I'm studying how these terms have permeated our society and how we act and react to them."

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Hannah Clarke

(Class of 2019)

photo of Hannah Clarke"My first year at Miami was an important catalyst for my activism. I lived in Thomson Hall, where the Social Justice Living Learning Community (LLC) was housed…We decided to take a stand together to help create a safe psychological space for those who do not or cannot conform to dominant standards. This strong show of support gave me an increased sense of solidarity from my fellow students, and I felt encouraged to become a stronger advocate for social justice on campus."

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Alexandra Apicella

(Class of 2019)

photo of Alexandra Apicella"On the faculty side, three people come immediately to mind: professor Rodney Coates in Black World Studies (who has been a great mentor), associate professor Ann Fuehrer in WGS (who recommended my fall study abroad), and professor C. Lee Harrington in Sociology and Social Justice Studies (with whom I worked as a TA). All of them are phenomenal!"

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Jessi Wright

(Class of 2019)

photo of Jessi Wright"After my work on the [His/Her/Hirstory Symposium], I've continued my involvement with Dr. [Ann] Fuehrer as an independent researcher and Undergraduate Associate (UA). I've been working with her on a video interview web series about some of the women that started the National Organization for Women in Oxford and Miami."

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Audrey Lipps

(Class of 2019)

photo of Audrey Lipps"In addition to Jacqueline Daugherty, associate professor Ann Fuehrer from the Department of Global & Intercultural Studies helped me with just about everything related to my trip to the Netherlands, including immigration issues and the kinds of challenges we may go through while living and working abroad."

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